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07 June 2016 @ 11:58 pm
So I've found something to get me through the finals again.

I'm officialy in love with this fanvid.

Not only because it's all Ohno, but it's just SO WELL DONE. Puts together my beloved solo dances in a way that fits amazingly with the song...and I also like the song so that's another plus XD
01 June 2016 @ 08:25 pm
And here I was thinking this year could not get any better for the fangirl side of me...
First there was the drama announcement, then the awesome new songs (I love Daylight and I seek!) and now this:

Ohno is going to star in a movie next year!

The name is "Shinobi no Kuni" and it is to be released in summer 2017. I can't wait to see Ohno play a ninja XD

Also, love this laid-back short interview

26 April 2016 @ 01:26 pm
I've just watched the latest VS Arashi episode and I can't help feeling something's wrong with-well, diferent about the show lately...and I don't mean the new games they added.

It's more like the guys themselves don't enjoy the show much. Well, I wouldn't blame them, I guess people don't really enjoy doing the same thing over and over at work, even if it's just playing a game. But I always thought that even when they do something ridiculous in their shows and they are conscious of it, they still make the best of it by making fun of each other or themselves...and that in turn makes the shows interesting to watch.

Let's be honest, some corners of their shows wouldn't be very funny if done seriously or by someone else (e.g. all those famous "eating porn" cuts in Shukudai). I think this was always the case also with VSA. Yeah, some episodes were still less fun than others, but I keep most of them in my PC and find some eps funny enough to rewatch them occasionally.
On the other hand, last month's episodes all seemed kind of boring. Or more like, Arashi, when shown on sreen at all, seemed to have this "hope-it's-over-soon" bored kind of face on them, not really talking or interacting as much as usual.

I don't know if it's just me or anyone gets the same feeling. And it's not like I've been analysing the show carefully, actually comparing the older and new eps, but I still feel it gives off these vibes lately.
Maybe it's just the way the eps were cut this time. Maybe Arashi were just tired and didn't feel like acting all crazy. Or maybe it was the guests-often when comedians come to their show, it get less interesting for me, because instead of the regular show I have to watch a reel of usually kinda lame jokes (there are exceptions though) and Arashi either playing support for the comedian or learning/copying their stuff.

Well, be it as it may, I hope the next ep is awesome so I can stop worrying about the show.
10 March 2016 @ 07:59 pm
I'm not sure if anybody's ever going to read this, but I'd like to share anyway, just in case.

If you are desperate for any sites, streaming or downloading, with Arashi shows, I've come across THIS TREASURE.

It provides direct links to Arashi ni Shiyagare, VS Arashi, Himitsu no Arashi-chan and a series of Arashi's appearences (Music Station, commercials and such). Unfortunately, many of the "older" vids got removed (especially Shiyagare on youtube), but the rest is still untouched and in HD.
So if you know how to download from youtube, dailymotion or youku, you can see that this site is PURE GOLD.

I'm sure many people already know about it and it's possible the author is a member here as well, but I really don't remember how I came about it...

In case you are the owner and don't want me to promote you here like this, let me know!
And also: YOU ARE AWESOME!</span>
I've gotten into youtube again lately and really, it's SO tiring! It's like a black hole, once you go there and type or 大野智, you're lost for at least an hour....

Guess I should stop for today and get at least a few hours of sleep now, but the last thing I found was this perfectly timed (and a bit old) ARASHI FANVIDEO which is the exact opposite of a calm lullaby.

I wonder if I'll be able to fall asleep with my head full of Ohno's perfect solo dances and Arashi's funny Utaban appearances.
12 December 2015 @ 08:32 pm

I'm fairly new to the Arashi fan community as well as livejournal and I figured I should properly introduce myself.

I'm a 23 years old student of English and Japanese aspiring to become a full-time translator and if that fails, then I guess another job (hopefully having to do with languages) will have to do. Anyway, the Japanese studies and my prior interest in Japan eventually led to me getting totally absorbed in everything Arashi, especially last semester during my State Exam preparations. That is also how I came across this site - in search of anything Arashi that I could read/watch/download.

Nowadays, I hope to find more than that here. Naturally, I'd like to continue to profit from the livejournal communities and all their materials, but aside from that I'm looking for friends with similar obsessions, because those are very scare aroud me (I'm Czech)...

So, if you have any interest in anything Japanese (language, anime, manga, music...) and of course in Arashi, feel free to contact me - I'll be glad to discuss that and who knows, maybe some day in the future we might get to travel to Japan together!